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Winning the Toddler Stage

If only toddlers came with an instruction manual.

Real talk: Some days, it probably feels like you’re killin’ it as a parent. But other days? It’s more like parenting’s going to kill you.

  • Maybe you’ve raised your voice or wanted to pull your hair out more than you’d like to admit.
  • Maybe you’ve bawled alongside your three-year-old because neither one of you wanted to eat the ever loving broccoli.
  • Maybe you’ve been giving in to tantrums more and more because you’re flat-out exhausted and just want it to stop.

So, maybe you’re feeling like a bad parent. Please hear this: You are not a bad parent. The fact that you’re reading this right now is proof of your badassery. (Listen, Deena is a professional therapist, and she says so.)

The point is, needing some go-to strategies to help you navigate the tough job of parenting a toddler is perfectly reasonable. And we have looooooads of them.

How to Win the Toddler Stage will help you raise happy, resilient kids who become strong, capable adults.

Get five, sanity-saving modules broken into bite-sized pieces.

We developed our curriculum with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. The lessons take only a few minutes to watch, and each one includes practical, do-this-not-that takeaways to help you have a calm and happy home.

  1. Five Founding Principles for Happy Homes
  2. Managing Tantrums Like a Boss
  3. The Preventing Tantrums Gameplan
  4. The Discipline Gameplans
  5. The Nitty Gritty

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this course, I understand this course is intended for educational purposes only. This course is not therapy or medical treatment, does not replace therapy or medical treatment, and does not establish a psychotherapist-patient relationship.  

Happy parents with happy toddlers:

“Finally, real solutions for my toddler problems! Potty? Check! Food demands? Check! Tantrums and meltdowns? Check! I finally feel like I know what I’m doing, and it’s made me a much happier mama for my kids – even in the wild moments!”

Kerry, Broomfield, CO

“This course has given me the parenting confidence I craved. I no longer fear his tantrums! Instead, I’m like LET’S DO THIS!”

Maya, Brooklyn, NY

“I wasn’t sure anything would work, I was completely exhausted and tried so many different things. A week into trying the techniques the power struggles nearly whittled away. My kid was happier, I was happier. I can’t thank you guys enough.”

Lisa, Frisco, TX